About us

At Edith Virtual we help CEOs and company owners both large and small-scale business owners slide through their businesses by helping to run the day-to-day We administrative tasks which tend to chop off their time.


we also help build and host your web site and take of all the technical stuff without you worrying about anything.

 Therefore as a  busy business owner Edith virtual is your go to if you really want to slide through your business and not scrape through.

edith virtual

Helping you with every administrative task

edith virtuals

we give optimum services to our customers in a unique way. we offer the best services in regard to hiring virtual assistants.  we help you plan your travel arrangements book flights, create travel itineraries manage the company's social media pages, manage the company's calendar and well as organizing inboxes, etc,.

Professional team

David Wini

Chief technical officer 

Alex Dillinger

 Team lead